MOT & Computer Diagnostics - A.D Sutton Motor Engineers Ltd


Everybody needs an MOT at some point and if required we can carry out a safe, genuine and fair MOT on your car or light van. We use the latest testing equipment and methods to ensure that your vehicle is tested according to VOSA’s recommendations and most importantly, a safe and fair result is reached. If any recommendations or failures are made we can give you a no obligation quote on the day for you to check prices and if you agree, can carry out any repair work quickly and at your convenience.

Computer Diagnostics and Specialist Tooling

All modern cars and vans have computers controlling everything from the engine management to the airbags and even the windscreen wipers!

Some of these control units even communicate with each other at up to 500,000 pieces of information per second and they do go wrong.

We pride ourselves on having a large amount of the specialist brand tools and equipment usually only found in VW group dealerships. All our staff are qualified and experienced so you can be sure of the highest quality and cost effective service.

We have the dealer diagnostic computer dedicated to all the VW group brands along with a dedicated aftermarket VW group system, as well as the latest Snap-On system for most European cars and a dedicated unit for Japanese and Asian cars. We are certain no-one else in the area offers such a specialised service or covers so many vehicles so thoroughly.